Beyond Borders STEM Camp for Refugees - Camp 2

Opportunity Overview

Stranded on Lesvos after escaping war and conflict, refugees are truly living in a hellish state of transit, where their dreams of building a new life are placed on hold for months and even years. This summer we will be offering two three-week long educational camps for refugee children where they can feel what it means to be a kid again - to play, have fun, explore, and learn and ultimately be met with the abundant love of Christ.

Students will experience STEM exploration and simple experiments through which teachers can scaffold English language learning and foster community building. This will be delivered in a variety of informal contexts and settings from an outdoor playground environment to a classroom. Adaptability, the ability to work as a team player, and excellent relationship skills are critical. We are recruiting both experienced teachers as well as those ready to love and serve refugees.


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Heather Brown